In Flight

inflight-Eve Comperiati

“grotesque, silly, crazy, opaque, and hilarious, all at the same time” –
“Commander was a whirling dervish on stage” – city

In Flight mocks the market of mis-focusing information and our potential for mass apathy. It questions what it is as a species that allows us to look the other way.  Its story draws from the insatiable hunger for distraction that subtly guides our attention away from the immediacy of larger, life-threatening issues.

Toy Theater After Dark Festival (Minneapolis, MN)
Late Nite Cabaret (Philadelphia, PA)
The Wild Project (New York, NY)

TBA Festival (Portland, OR)

Hare Club @ Rabbithole (NYC)
Refest @ Culturehub (NYC)

Chicago International Puppet Festival @ Neofuturist Theater (Chicago, IL)


written and performed by David Commander