Photo: St. Ann's Warehouse presents LABAPALOOZA! PROGRAM B Essex by David Commander Before and After by Misty Foster, Lacy Lynch and Yuliya Tsukerman ­Chimpanzee by Nick Lehane FILM TRAILERS BY ROBIN FROHARDT Mini Festival of New Puppet Theater from The Lab MAY 31-JU­NE 3 LAB DIRECTORS | Matt Acheson & Krissy Smith 
 LIGHTING DESIGNER | Heather Sparling PRODUCTION COORDINATOR | Elliott Jenetopulos ; dress rehearsal photographed: Wednesday, May 22, 2013; 3:15 PM at St. Ann's Warehouse; Brooklyn, NY; Photograph: ©2013 Richard Termine PHOTO CREDIT - Richard Termine

PHOTO CREDIT – Richard Termine

In this modern toy theater piece, I intend to draw a parallel between the 1819 sinking of the whaling-ship ESSEX by a sperm whale, and the dangerous backlash of overtaxing the Earth’s resources. Like the crew of the Essex, we are engaged in a chase that leads to our own demise. We have already begun to feel the initial repercussions of our own insatiable appetite. Changing weather patterns, drought, famine and pollution whisper a promise to make us castaways set adrift in the only vessel we have.

ESSEX at Labapolooza - St. Ann's Warehouse, May 23rd - 26th

Labapalooza festival @ St. Ann’s Warehouse, NYC.


Essex Clip from David Commander on Vimeo.

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