Piggy 1.5


Piggy at Abron's Art Center, NYC

PIGGY1“…anything but tradition on its dirty mind, preferring instead to push the proverbial envelope repeatedly over the edge”. -nytheater.com
 “…you’ll get a kick out of this underground happening” -upcurtain.com

A dark sketch comedy show seeking to over saturate the norms of entertainment to a questionable degree. Inter splicing prerecorded footage with star wars action figures and live performance.

N. 3rd bar (Philadelphia, PA)
The Five Spot (Philadelphia, PA)
Bar Noir (Philadelphia, PA)

New York International Fringe Festival (New York, NY)


Writing and directing
David Commander
Rebecca Brooks
David Commander
Cary Curran
Tim Kelly
Kevin Pfluger
Also featuring
Christa D’agastino
Ish Klein
Video Editing
Felix Diaz
Les Rivera
Sound and music
Rodney Whitenberg
Wife beater costume
Lorraine Anderson

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